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October 22nd, 2004

Macromedia Flex 1.5

Macromedia announced the new version of Flex. Macromedia Flex 1.5 has lots of new features, some of them are:

  • Charting Components
  • Remote Shared Libraries
  • Flex-Central Integration

Check out the following links for more:

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Macromedia now offers a non-commercial license for Flex. If you have some doubts regarding who can or can not use Flex under non-commercial license, read the usage scenario.

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September 14th, 2004

Flex Builder Breeze Preso

Macromedia Flex Builder 1.0 is Macromedia’s authoring tool for Flex development. With a diverse set of features, Flex Builder aims to help developers learn MXML faster, develop more efficiently, and allows different members of the team to become involved in Flex development. Flex Builder has gone through a number of betas and was released recently to the public. Many Flex development teams are currently using Flex Builder’s design view, MXML code editor, and debugging functionality to help build effective and usable Flex applications.

This Breeze Preso on Flex Builder 1.0 will discuss the benefits of Flex Builder, and discuss the packaging and pricing decisions that were made.
Speaker: Macromedia QA Engineer, Gabriel Chua

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May 18th, 2004

Flex 1.0 Updater 1

The Flex 1.0 Updater 1 includes performance and reliability improvements, enhanced API reference documentation, and more. Read the Release Notes, Installation Instructions, and enhanced API documentation.
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